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Want to fly? Among sport activities attracting an increasing number of those fascinated by adrenaline adventures to the Soča Valley today, paragliding with outstanding thermals, steep mountain slopes and unforgettable panoramic views offers top flying opportunities and long cross-country flying above the Julian Alps. Major take-off areas are: Kobariški Stol, Kobala and Lijak. You can hire an experienced guide for the tandem fly at one of the severl licensed agencies or buy a vignette and fly on your own.
For more info visit: http://www.drustvo-adrenalin.si/, http://www.paragliding-tolmin.com/

Fly-fishing on Soča river
Fly-fishing on Soča river

Fly-fishing on the river Soča or one of its tributaries (Tolminka, Bača, idrijca, Trebišica…) or river Nadiža is the jewel in Slovenia’s fly-fishing crown. It is not just the beauty of the crystal clear emerald water, but also it’s setting in the Julian Alps that attract fishermen from all over the world each year. Get your licence and look for large marble trouts, browns, rainbows and grayling that are waiting for you to make your wish come true. For those who don't have experience or equipment, there are always experienced guides available.
For more info visit: http://www.ribiska-druzina-tolmin.si/

Mountain biking under Mt. Krn
Mountain biking under Mt. Krn

Mountain biking: As stated in many MTB forums; »Top European mtb destination!« Over 1100 km of MTB paths, most of them already mapped in guide books and maps,, more than 33.000 m height difference on an immense network of WWI paths which make you reach unbelievable places. Places from where sights to highest Alps in the North are available, while the view to the south extends beyond the coast of Adriatic coast including Venice. Go for a ride, get some »local carbo-loading« with štruklji or polenta along the way and don't worry about the rest – our mattresses are high quality and we offer a place to storage your bikes.
For more info visit: http://www.mtb-slowenien.de/

Kayaking on Soča river
Kayaking on Soča river

Water adrenalin sports? Rafting professionals will guide you down the emerald Soča resulting in a wonderfully unforgettable experience! For those with no equipment the adventure starts at one of the agencies, where they supply you with all the necessary equipment (neoprene clothes and shoes, anorak, safety helmet and personal flotation device vest). The van will take you and experienced guides to the best place. Don't miss the jump in the water at the end. If you have already experienced the rafting and you long for adventures, hydro-speed might be something for you -downriver on a swimming bob controlled by the fins on your feet. For those with experience and equipment for rafting, canoeing or kayaking, don’t forget to get the licence.

Hiking in Julian Alps
Hiking in Julian Alps

Hiking in Triglav National Park: 880 km2 or 3% of whole Slovenia, founded in 1924, this is one of the oldest national Parks in Europe. Preserved with a reason - here you can still hike in a very quite surrounding, and experience nature in it’s full beauty. Meet the sheppards with cows or sheeps along and buy cheese or visit some of the WW1 paths and ruins. Endless possibilities, endless length, endless panoramic views: other mountains, valleys, even Adriatic coast and Venice if you are lucky enough with the weather. Just get proper equipment, enough water and good maps. Many of paths also suitable for those with less condition and small kids.

Swimming in Nadiža river
Swimming in Nadiža river

Swimming in the Alpine rivers, at the seaside or in Aqua-Park: brave enough to jump in Soca or want something less cold but just as beautiful – Nadiza river? In case of bed weather you can also escape to Adriatic coast (Divino or Grado) or cross the Alps to Bohinj spa and AquaPark.
For more info visit: http://www.vodni-park-bohinj.si/eng/

Rock climbing
There are several easy accessible climbing areas through the entire valley. Climbing routes of medium difficulty predominate, the hardest of which is currently rated as 8a.
Our region currently offers eight equipped climbing sites:

  • Climbing area Nadiža near village Kred nearby the river Nadiža: 14 routes (4a – 7c);
  • Climbing area Pod Kopitcem near Kobarid: 9 routes (4c – 6b+);
  • Climbing area Škratova skala near Kobarid: 8 routes (4b - 7a)
  • Climbing area Čiginj near Tolmin: 45 routes (3 – 7c);
  • Climbing area Senica near Ljubinj: 37 routes (4a – 7b);
  • Climbing area  near Slap ob Idrijci: 14 routes (4a – 7a+);
  • Climbing area Pisano čelo near village Koritnica: 9 routes (6a+ - 7c) and
  • Climbing area near village Porezen: 10 routes (6a – 7b+).
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